CNC Roboticsystem

Our CNC robot system consists of an industrial robot, a CNC control, NC spindle, NC machining table and the RoboNC software. The components are sourced from established manufacturers. Our achievement is the system integration and the extension of existing software components by functions developed by us. By integrating all components, we provide savings through easy-to-use software not only in operation, but also when setting up the robot system.

This tailor-made product helps to move forward in areas previously neglected by automation, and to become strong for the future. In addition, the skills shortage can be counteracted. Work for which no qualified employee can be found, can be replaced. Dangerous and health-damaging activities can be carried out by our CNC robot system. In this way, even small and medium-sized companies get the opportunities to remain competitive and to assert themselves on the market.
Example: In the manufacture of a kitchen manufacturer, the workpieces (e.g., worktops) were hand-worked to saw, cut, mill. The work was burdened by a strong noise, water on the ground, dirt and heavy physical stress of the respective employees. Today, productivity has been greatly increased and employee demands reduced. The manual work could be replaced successfully and thus costs are saved.



In our CNC Robotic System an industrial robot is combined with a CNC control System. A CNC robot can therefore perform all the functions of a “normal” CNC machine. Functions such as tool length and radius compensation are taken into consideration. The inaccuracies are compensated and minimised by the CNC control. Single robot axes are operated as CNC axes. Macros on CAM systems make programming easy and user-friendly. These are the essential features of our “CNC Robot System”. The technology is used to make components from stone, artificial stone, ceramic, plastic, wood and metal.

CNC robots are extremely flexible machines. In addition of component handling they can be used to polish, saw, mill, drill, cut, water jet.

The complete cells can be used in closed rooms to reduce noise and vibration pollution. They use much less work space than machining centers, bridge saws and water jet machines, but they can replace all these machines. Further options can be retrofitted very quickly via “Plug & Play”. CNC robots are also less expensive than conventional CNC machines.

The introduction of CNC robots into your production is a significant step for your company to be prepared for Industry 4.0. The know-how learned and further developed by your employees helps your company gain a competitive edge in the market.

We offer complete solutions for CNC machining by robots. The core competence of our company lies in particular in the realization and implementation of customer-specific overall solutions.

In order to maximize the productivity, increase the cycle time. With the High Process reliability. The CNC Robots are Extremely flexible: with long-range up to 30 meters, with the linier axis we can use to cover the large area for drilling. Our multitasking CNC Robotic system can perform stable and accurate machining with outside/inside cooling.
The advantages: greater scope and lower costs.
Cycle times can be shortened by adding more CNC Robots in the same controller.
productive and extremely accurate
The advantages: greater productivity and optimal process results.
Extremely versatile and powerful
The advantages: utmost reliability and long service life.
Perfectly equipped starting from handling heavy parts fully autonomous machining.
Our custom beds with special clamping and mounting system can be sized anywhere from 0.1 meter to 30 meters long, perfect even for machining tube or pipe. machine bed sizes and machining capability is unmatched. We provide service worldwide and continue to innovate intelligent and better products.
Traditional machining centers are expensive, and constrain fabricators with small, enclosed beds. They are difficult to load and unload, and large pieces need to be repositioned multiple times for the spindle to access the full part.