Control System Engineer

Robotic AI Programmer First German company to provide full solution in CNC Robotic Manufacturing. We are looking for a Robotic AI Programmer to support our team. We hire amazing people to make great things happen. Over decade of experience in CNC Machining, we are developing the CNC Machining with Industrial Robots, a new chapter in Manufacturing. For development of own real time graphical simulation and the robot kinematics software. We will continually invest in our team and tech to push the boundaries of the digital visual arts on the latest manufacturing platforms and humanless factories. Our costumers demands in Europe and the future market of robotics manufacturing inspired us to developers and create our own software to simulate and calculate the robot kinematic. This will lead to deliver unique manufacturing possibilities, create new worlds and ultimately make awesome AI Robots factories that works fully human less. Join us and we will invent the future together. Responsibilities: To develop AI Systems for Robotic Manufacturing to be used for both internal and external projects. To develop real time Software for graphical simulation and the robot kinematics. Contribute development of user interface applications related to AI. Ensure reliability of AI Systems. Analyse and research the latest advances and trends in AI technologies. Create and maintain modules to be used for automated testing. Contribute to developer and end-user documentation. Provide support and training to internal and external developers.


  • 4+ years of professional software development experience. Previous experience working on AI technology.
  •  Excellent knowledge of C++.
  •  Excellent understanding of: Object-oriented software engineering.
  • Multi threaded software architecture. Common 3D Motion algorithms.
  •  Excellent problem-solving skills. Excellent communication and writing skills.
  • Take initiative and be willing to expand own horizon.
  • Keep a positive team-oriented attitude.
  • Willing to relocate finally to Stuttgart Area, Germany.
  • What you can expect from us: A refreshing yet highly professional atmosphere in a diverse team.
  •  Flexible work time. FUN.
  • Free public transportation ticket, which lets you use public transport free of charge 24/7.
  • Free onsite German lessons for our employees and partners / spouses.
  • Company language is English.
  • Any additional language is a plus, but not a requirement.
  • Extensive assistance with getting visa, work permits and communication with local authorities. Relocation support.
  • A company apartment for your first few months and help in finding a private apartment….and many more!