The Challenge & Solution

One of the biggest Challenge of the manufacturing industry in 21 century is the lack of skilled manpower. Furthermore manufacturing of metal, stone, ceramics, wood and plastics is accompanied by heavy noise, dirt and physical stress. Robots can perform the task that human do, todays point-controlled industrial robots, teach-in programming are associated with high costs, time and lower accuracy.

With RoboNC and CNC Controller we have reached a milestone in CNC Manufacturing. We have developed 3D Path controlled CNC robots. As an industrial robot is combined with a CNC controller, thus CNC robot can perform all the functions of a "normal" CNC machine. The Path are controlled with the CNC Controller. CNC Robots are not only intended for mass production but also for individual products: Our '' RoboNC '' software makes it possible to manufacture the components or the complete product independently from a 2-D as well as 3-D data.

The complete product is manufactured independently, without the intervention of humans. Furthermore, the complete cells can be used in closed rooms noise inhibiting. CNC robots require less maintenance than conventional CNC machines. Robot manufacturers give two to four years warranty on the industrial robots.

With Individual APP developed for different Industry, we are able to create product before manufacturing. Further more the APP can show your product in VR. All the data regarding the product is send to the Cloud, where the code for manufacturing are created. You can even see the simulation before you start the project in RoboNC. Welcome to the future.